Sorry about this, but I’ve simply got to tell you all about something that really annoys me.
As you may know, I’m selling detailed information about different football trading methods on my website Most of my clients are very happy to pay what is a bargain price for tried-and-tested techniques (you’ll pay just £10-15 for each method compared to £89+ for each of the SportSure Trading System methods). They appreciate that it takes me time & effort to put together the detailed videos describing each method and showing it being used with real Betfair bets on actual football matches.
But what really annoys me are those few people who buy the method, download the videos, watch them – and then email me with a message along the lines of:
“Hi Chris, Please can I have a refund. I found the method interesting but not worth my while & it really isn’t to my satisfaction & I’ve seen something similar to it before. Oh & if I don’t get a refund, then I’m going to tell everyone on every forum where I spend all of my time, what a b****d you are for not giving me back my money.”
Why do some (thankfully it’s a minority) think that they can just ask for their money back after they’ve downloaded the system & used it. Would they ask for their money back if they went to watch a film at a cinema and it ‘wasn’t to their satisfaction’? And I presume they’d also be happy for their boss to decide not to pay them because their work wasn’t to his satisfaction?
Well, I’m so fed up with the small minority of people trying to get ‘something for nothing’ that I have a very simple rule:

There are no refunds!

It now says that on my website. If anyone is not happy with my rule, then don’t buy anything from me. I don’t spend time revealing the methods that I use in my trading for the money – I do it to give people who are looking for a way to consistently profit from Betfair a way to do so. If you want a money-back guarantee, then go to Tim Lowe and spend a fortune on the SportSure Trading System. 
So that’s my rant over! And hopefully no-one can now say that they didn’t know that they couldn’t get their money back.


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