Since 1st January I have been using my Football Trading Secrets techniques on my Betfair account that I use for testing. My aim was to see how much I could make by betting like a typical trader.

I started with an extremely small betting bank – only £25 – and had a liability per bet/trade of just £5. This is the size of betting bank that anyone looking to trade on Betfair should easily be able to put together.

Here is a short video that shows me logging into my Betfair profit & loss account and revealing the amount of profit that I have made between 1st Jan and 18th Feb 2014. As you will see, my small betting bank has increased by 140%. If I can achieve such a result with a small bank then:


  2. just think of the profit had I used a bigger betting bank!

To find out more about all of the Football Trading Secrets techniques, just click on the link below:

Football Trading Secrets

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