It has been quite a while since I last posted here & I thought I’d bring you up-to-date with what I’ve been doing – because I have some very exciting news.
In late-December 2014, I started researching a method of making money from Betfair that requires a completely different way of thinking.
Most people look for a betting system that gives them as high a reward as possible combined with fairly low risk. But most systems & tipping services end up having periods when everything goes to plan; the bets are successful & the profits roll in – combined with periods when every other bet loses & the profits dwindle. Even though – in the long run – such a system or tipping service may be profitable, most punters simply aren’t prepared to weather the bad times & so give up and look around for something else.
Some of you reading this probably identify with what I’ve written in the previous paragraph – I certainly started off my betting career by jumping from one system/tipping service to another & wondering why I couldn’t make consistent profits.
My research led me to looking at a completely different type of bet – one with a low reward but combined with an exceptionally high strike rate.
The result has been a completely new system that I call the Football Cash Machine System. This may sound a bit over-hyped for a name – but the system really is just churning money out day-after-day. Look at this screenshot from my Betfair Profit & Loss account covering the period 1st Feb – 23rd Apr 2015:
Betfair P&L 1st Feb - 23rd Apr 2015As you can see, so far I’ve made a very nice £544.37p.
I mentioned that Football Cash Machine has an exceptionally high strike-rate, so take a look at the number of bets I placed between 1st Feb – 23rd Apr:

Results section 1st Feb - 23rd Apr

As you can see, there were 177 bets. Only 3 of those bets were losers!! That’s a strike-rate of 98.3%.

If you want to see more details about my bets and check that there really were only 3 losers, then just go to  Football Cash Machine System and you will be able to see my monthly profits plus the matches on which I placed bets.
I am very excited by Football Cash Machine & expect it to be making me very big profits over the coming months. I will post further info about my betting progress every month here.
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